Welcome to String Along With Stu!

If you've been dreaming of taking Guitar or Ukulele Lessons in the comfort of your own home, you've come to the right website.

I'm Stu Zonder. In 1976, I began teaching guitar at Strings & Things in Birmingham, MI. I have taught privately and in groups ever since, and have realized that teaching guitar and ukulele is my calling. It's the thing I do best, and where I gain the most pleasure and gratification musically. I believe I am a very good player and performer, but I KNOW that I am an excellent teacher. No brag. Itʼs just something I know. Itʼs what I do. Itʼs who I am.

I teach live via Skype around the world, and locally at Ken Stanton Music in Marietta, Georgia. Check out the Testimonials page to see what my students have to say about their experience learning to play using "The Stunami Method." 

On the Videos page, you'll find videos of me playing and demonstrating my teaching style.

The video shown below is my End of the Year "Stuza-Palooza" - a fun and relaxed concert in the country showcasing many of my local students.


I am offering a Gift Certificate for Two Free Lessons on Ukulele or Guitar for new students. These lessons can be used by anyone who wants to begin playing or improve their playing. Beginners to Advanced Players are welcome. Please feel free to share this gift certificate with family and friends. The offer is valid through March 31, 2018. 

I hope you'll make your dreams of playing more music come true in 2018!