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Magenta Rave Book Cover.jpg
Magenta Rave

ISBN-13: 978-0615834283

Before the #MeToo Movement, Magenta Rave sought justice for sexual assault survivors. When she couldn't get that, she got even. Like Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, she doesn't kill the perpetrators. She just makes them wish they were dead. But who is Magenta Rave? Is she more than one woman? On different occasions, eyewitnesses describe her as a petite blonde, a loud buxom redhead, and an awkward boyish brunette. Detective Simone Rosenberg and her good-hearted, good-old-boy partner, Marty Sloan are assigned the case. Their investigation leads them into a world of shattered women, paramilitary wackos, and the outer boundaries of their own hearts and minds. This fast-paced, character-rich, and often funny novel will keep you guessing as it careens wildly towards the end.

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The Phenomenon's Daughter

In the soundtrack to my childhood, crickets in the throes of summer love carry the beat, and mosquitoes whine out a high harmony to Hank Williams wailing Long Gone Lonesome Blues—a song guaranteed to make you laugh and cry at the same time.” 

And so begins the journey of Calla Lily Flowers, a girl with a big brain and "not a lick of common sense" coming of age in a housing project in Georgia just prior to the turbulent 1960s. Her vivacious mother, Ava Rose, is tap dancing between eccentricity and madness. Her grandmother still believes Jesus is going to save them, and her older sister, Maggie, believes it just might be Elvis.

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