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Who Is Your Them?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Is it white people, for you? That would be understandable. White people, especially the affluent ones in power, aren't looking too good these days.

Is your "them" the opposite sex? That's a big one for me. For centuries, men have wreaked havoc and caused terrible pain in this world and continue to bully their way through it. They're hard to overlook. Yet, I have known wonderful men. In fact, most of the men I know are fine human beings. Yes, they take their advantages for granted, but who doesn't? And, who wouldn't?

Christians? Muslims? Jews? Hindus? Zoroastrians? Straight people or gay people or people who don't identify with a gender? Brown people? People from other countries? Old people? Young people? Maybe your "them" is vegans or carnivores.

The list could go on forever, but what we all have to understand is WE ARE THEM. Each of us falls into some category that puts us squarely in the target of someone else's condemnation or even hate. History has shown us that nothing external -- no political maneuver, no individual -- will permanently heal the separation we are all feeling so acutely now. The only way to bring about permanent change is for each of us to change our thinking and our beliefs -- to see ourselves in everyone and to desire the best for all.

It's possible. It could happen. It starts within.

Real change and growth are always an inside job.

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