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Why Your Parents Are Grumpy . . .

I'll make this short and sweet. If your parents are over fifty, every friggin' joint in their body aches. They weeded the garden? They took a walk? They babysat the grandkids? Hell, they sat too long watching a movie?

Every friggin' joint.

They have acid reflux. It makes them feel like they're finally about to have the heart attack that the commercials on their favorite morning news shows have been promising for years.

They're dizzy. The soles of their feet lost all padding shortly before their asses found it. They've either got too much saliva or too little. They've most likely slept like crap.

And, speaking of crap . . . well, I won't go there.

So, you may be thinking, "Why didn't they take better care of themselves?"

Some of them did. They ate right, exercised, rested, improved their minds with advanced degrees, and meditated to nirvana and back.

Every friggin' joint.

You have been warned.

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